By Gabriel Smith

In the Christian world, it can seem that there is so much division. It seems as though there are hundreds of denominations all fighting to tell us a different thing about Jesus and what he said. How are we to know which denominations to attend? Well, thankfully we find the answer in the Bible.

  but test everything; hold fast what is good. 
1 Thessalonians 5:21

In this scripture Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy were writing to the church of Thessalonica. Whichever of the three men who was writing at the point told the Thessalonians to test everything. Well, what are we to test everything by, the Bible. I was once told that the word Bible is an acronym for, basic instruction before leaving earth, and while the word bible is not an acronym for that, it is a guide God gave us. We should test every denomination using the word of God, if it matches the word of God, then go for it, but if not, do not attend that church. One way to find out a church's belief is to ask for the church's statement of faith. How can we attend a church which is teaching false things? How can we go to a church which is polluting the minds of God’s children with lies, we cannot. How can we attend a church with holes in its theology, once again we cannot. When we choose a church to attend we need to examine its belief and test to see if they line up with the truth of the Bible. There are so many good churches in the world, there is no need to go to a church that is based upon lies. 

Written by- Gabriel Smith