By Gabriel Smith

In a year, there are multiple seasons winter, spring, summer, and fall. 
Each season is unique, and each season has its joy and its pains. 
Just like a year, life also has seasons. 

The Bible says:

Ecc 3:1  For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven... 

We will experience different seasons in life. In life there are seasons that seem similar to spring, it seems like everything is just rain, and floods, and storms. Life can seem hard, everything you do seems to be failing. But the fact, is if it doesn’t rain now how can you have a green summer, because if the rain doesn’t water the plants how will they grow? 

Sometimes in life we have to go through seasons of rain to be ready for what God has waiting around the corner for us. Sometimes we might have to experience a flood, but sometimes God is using that flood to wash us clean. 

God loves each and everyone so much and He knows what is best, and while we may not be able to see it with our human eyes, if we are following God, He is guiding us.