Republican or Democrat?

By Gabriel Smith

 Behold, I made him a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander for the peoples.
(Isaiah 55:4)

Should Christians be democrats or republicans? Hard question. Most Christians I have met are republicans, but I am sure that someone out there is a democrat Christian. But which party should we vote for and side with on issues?

 Well number one, we should not side with a person just because they are a democrat or a republican. We should side with them based upon the Bible, and I don’t mean if the person is a Christian or not. Because it isn’t that hard to say, “I am a Christian” matter a fact you can say one of these things just as easy “I am gay, I am pro-choice, I am anti-church”. I can say I am Abraham Lincoln doesn’t make me Abraham Lincoln. 

So back to the point should we vote for republicans or democrats? The answer is as simple as this. Choose a candidate that meets biblical morals, things such as the candidate being pro-life [against abortion], being pro-church, being against the LGBT are a few things to look for. Now I will note most candidates I have noticed that seem to line up with all of these things are republicans, but hey you never know. Remember to be careful when you vote and choose the right candidate.